October 21, 2003
@ 07:35 AM

Dave Winer writes

Just had a phone talk with Scoble, and finally I have a clue why people use aggregators integrated with email clients. He had a couple of compelling reasons. 1. Since it's integrated with email he can easily forward an item to people he works with via email. 2. He has a folder where he drags items he wants to write about later. BTW he uses NewsGator. I still prefer the blog-style interface of Radio's aggregator.

Both of which are features RSS Bandit supports. There is one feature requested by Jeff Sandquist which Newsgator has and RSS Bandit does not; the ability to specify a username/password combo when accessing a particular feed. Torsten and I will see about getting this in by the weekend so Jeff can use it next week.

My bed beckons but so do my recent purchases that just arrived in the mail; Chinese Super Ninja and Shaolin Challenges Ninja.

Bah, sleep is for the weak.


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