February 12, 2007
@ 11:59 PM

Via the LiveSide post entitled Live.com to get social - share your own pages I noticed that we've finally shipped Live.com collections. The official description of the feature is excerpted below

Collections are Live.com pages of gadgets and feeds created and shared by users. Add your favorite Collections to your own Live.com page, or share one of your Live.com pages with the community.

This is a pretty sweet feature because it allows people to build 'templates' which others can use. For example, I can create a Live.com page which has  subscriptions to TechCrunch, Mashable, Read/Write Web and http://del.icio.us/tags/web20 as well as a couple of relevant gadgets then share that with coworkers who are interested in subscribing to the latest goings on in the Web 2.0 blogs. Much better than sharing OPML files, isn't it?

There is more about this feature and others in the Windows Live Gallery team's blog post entitled Another release goes out the door!. So far, it seems that user-created Live.com collections haven't yet been enabled although you can try out some of the collections that have been published by Microsoft. If you are interested in when this feature will be enabled for all Live.com users to share their customized and pimped out homepages with others, then head over to the Gallery and Live.com team blogs with your questions. 


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