December 5, 2003
@ 07:38 PM

Download it here. New features and bug fixes described below.

Differences between v1.2.0.43 and v1.1.0.61 below.

  • FEATURE: One can now search for feeds by keyword as well as by URL. This means one can search the for 'CNN', 'RSS Bandit' or 'XML' and get back up to a hundred feeds back from the Syndic8 database that contain that requested text in the description. Very useful for browsing for new feeds to subscribe to.
  • FEATURE: Added an [Apply] button to the Options dialog so one can test features such as the various XSLT themes for displaying feeds (the DOS theme is still my favorite) without having to close the dialog.
  • FEATURE: Now provides visual indication when downloading the comments for a particular feed that supports wfw:commentRss.
  • FEATURE: Added a tab in the options dialog for configuring the web search engines available from the Search toolbar (still have MSN Search, Feedster and Google by default)
  • FEATURE: Option added to network settings dialog to take over proxy settings from Internet Explorer.
  • FEATURE: Support for the feed:// URI scheme proposed by Greg Reinacker
  • FEATURE: New user interface with an Office 2003 look & feel courtesy of Tim Dawson's SandBar controls
  • FEATURE: Ability to subscribed feeds for items that contain a particular keyword (via View->Rss Search).For example,  searching for all posts with "RSS Bandit" in their content.
  • FEATURE: now you can restrict the security settings of the embedded web browser (via Tools->Options->Web Browser). By default now only allows download of images, but no Javascript, ActiveX or Java applets.
  • FIXED: Problem that occured infrequently where at certain times moving, renaming or deleting category nodes led to corruption of feedlist.xml file.
  • FIXED: Clicking on a category node in the tree view no locks up the application thus making it unusable.
  • FIXED: Certain websites which use "deflate" compression without headers caused exceptions on attempts to decompress the feeds such as MSDN or dasBlog feeds.
  • FIXED: Maximum age to keep feed items sometimes is inconsistent between the value set in the options dialog and the value used for particular feeds.
  • FIXED: Too many spurious XML-related errors showing up in 'Feed Errors' special folder.


Saturday, December 6, 2003 1:50:55 AM (GMT Standard Time, UTC+00:00)
Why in the feed://http:// format?
Why not just: feed://
With the http protocol as an assumstion?
It just seems ugly to have them both. (Ayende Rahien)
Saturday, December 6, 2003 9:43:49 AM (GMT Standard Time, UTC+00:00)
Ayende: this format is also accepted and should work. It's only a matter of url parsing.
BTW: a alternate download address for the latest release
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