February 11, 2004
@ 02:51 AM

From Sam Ruby's slides for the O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference

Where are we going?

  • A draft charter will be prepared in time to be informally discussed at the IETF meeting is Seoul, Korea on the week of 29 February to 5 March 
  •  Hopefully, the Working Group itself will be approved in March 
  •  Most of the work will be done on mailing lists 
  •  Ideally, a face to face meeting of the Working Group will be scheduled to coincide with the August 1-6 meeting of the IETF in San Diego

Interesting. Taking the spec to IETF implies that Sam thinks it's mostly done.  Well, I just hope the IETF's errata process is better than the W3C's.


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