From the press release Microsoft Realigns Platforms & Services Division for Greater Growth and Agility we learn

REDMOND, Wash. — March 23, 2006 — Microsoft Corp. today announced a broad restructuring of its Platforms & Services Division (PSD) to better align existing Windows® and MSN® assets with Microsoft’s overall Live strategy, and to ensure the company delivers a full range of software-based services to consumers and businesses around the world.

"As we launch new Windows Live™ services and finalize Windows Vista™, we’re looking ahead to how we deliver the best possible experience for customers, now and into the future. Today we are enhancing the leadership team and structure across the division to ensure we have the right organization to support our technology vision,” said Kevin Johnson, co-president of PSD.

Johnson said three goals drove the changes:

Advance Microsoft’s software plus services and Live strategy

Increase Microsoft’s agility in delivering innovation to customers

Target new growth opportunities related to Windows Live services, online advertising and solutions in emerging markets

The new PSD organization will be made up of eight new and existing groups: the Windows and Windows Live Group, led by Steven Sinofsky, senior vice president; the Windows Live Platform Group, led by Blake Irving, corporate vice president; the Online Business Group, led by David Cole, senior vice president; the Market Expansion Group, led by Will Poole, senior vice president; the Core Operating System Division (COSD), led by Brian Valentine, senior vice president; the Windows Client Marketing Group, led by Mike Sievert, corporate vice president; the Developer and Platform Evangelism Group, led by Sanjay Parthasarathy, corporate vice president; and the Server and Tools Business Group, led by Bob Muglia, senior vice president.

One comes to expect a reorg every year at Microsoft so this one was about due. Steven Sinofsky comes off as a great guy from his blog and the Office product team runs as a pretty tight ship so this can only be good for Windows Live. Of course, I won't be reporting up through him. Instead I'll be part of Blake Irving's Windows Live Platform Group which will provide the back-end infrastructure services, platform capabilities and global operational support for services being created in Windows Live, Office Live, and other Microsoft and third-party applications that use the Live platform.

So I'm still going to be doing pretty much the same thing I've always been doing. Exciting.


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