February 28, 2004
@ 05:20 AM

Dylan Greene was at Microsoft last week and talks about some observations about blogging and Microsoft in his post My meeting with the Scoblizer  

Some interesting things I picked up while at Microsoft:

  • None of my friends there blog.
  • None of them had heard of Scoble. (!)
  • None of them use RSS readers or read blogs with any frequency.
  • None of them seemed to understand the draw of blogging.

There are about 300 people blogging at Microsoft which sounds like a lot until you realize that at last count Microsoft had 55,000 employees. That means less than 1% of the employees at Microsoft are blogging. When you consider that it isn't that surprising that none of his friends blog when less than one in every hundred Microsoft employees blog or that they didn't know some random evangelist on the Windows team by name.

That said I do agree with Cameron Reilly that Microsoft is “still way ahead of the curve in terms of corporate blogging”.


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