.NET Strategy

To Windows developers, MSFT's newimproved imitation of the Java language and runtime is .NET which so far its been successful and has made them more productive. However this is seeing only a small part of the picture. When MSFT marketing and execs were hyping .NET to the high heavens, they weren't going around showing people slideshows showing how to derive C# classes from your VB.NET objects or how C# is just like Java except with operator overloading.

Naaah, .NET was supposed to be about a computer revolution. The XML web services and/or the subscription software revolution was supposed to be .NET if hype of yester-years is to be believed. However the major plays in that direction have either failed to appear or seem to have withered on the vine, most publicly being the apparent failures of Hailstorm (aka .NET My Services) and NetDocs. Now couple that with the fact that everyone has been confused by the conflicting marketing message about what exactly is .NET which has culminated with the addmission that .NET is essentially just a brand name for any technology produced by Microsoft in the past year or two which uses XML and/or the Internet. Thus it isn't surprising that a journalist would consider the .NET strategy to have "sunk like a stone"

The question then is whether there is still a revolution being cooked deep in the bowels of Mordor or whether the Beast is spent. Only time will tell but from where I sit it looks like we'll be shipping some rather cool technology in the next few years. Whether they classify as revolutionary or satisfy the hype on the other hand will have to be a case of beauty being in the eye of the beholder.

Concert Shooting

I promised to take my girlfriend to a concert this summer and wanted it to be Summer Jam. My girlfriend didn't want to go because she thought it would attract "the wrong crowd" and she made me get tickets for a Marc Anthony concert instead.

The funny thing is that she turned out to be right. Three people were shot outside Summer Jam at the Gorge location. I was quite surprised by this since I'd just assumed the entire Seattle area was one bug Yuppie/'burb heaven with no ghetto thugs for miles around. I expected to hear about shootings outside of concerts in LA or the "Dirty South" but not here.

This reminds me of a Puff Daddy concert I was at a few years ago where after the concert he asked the audience to give themselves a round of applause for having so many young black people in an arena and there not being any violence. Then again Puff Daddy (or is that P. Diddy?) is not the type to attract the really violent niggaz unlike the acts I typically follow.

Speaking of violent acts, I saw that a videotape showing Mystikal's gangraping of some female is in police hands. Mystikal is facing life, with any luck he'll end up sharing jail space with his former label mate and they can bond about old times. In other news, Snoop's is no longer welcome in the Seattle area for concerts according to the Kings' County police department (Seattle area) after last year. I guess this has to do with the way he's become more [scarily] open about his gang affiliations. I never thought I'd see a video with some dude bragging about the Crips being on MTV let alone several of them.

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Hey ucblockhead, I'll arrive in San Francisco on Sunday night and will leave on Monday night (hopefully with Hong Kong visa in hand) in case you want to grab lunch or something.



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