March 22, 2001
@ 11:58 PM
The main reason I post more on K5 than Slashdot is because I am sure that on K5 that I will get well thought out and reasoned responses to my posts instead of knee jerk flames with little or no content that spew forth clichès and the party line. Now I've slowly realized that I've been taking it for granted that K5's readership will stay enlightened or at least intelligent, reading regeya's comments has cured me of that notion.

I no longer want to read posts by someone who is immature enough to rate down posts he disagrees with this one (given a 1 as at the time this was posted) and rates down responses to his comments(rated a 2 as at this posting). I am already planning to submit the customizable front page patch in May but am now willing to work on submitting a patch for killfiles as well if the rest of K5 is interested and rusty will consider it. In fact I would also like to prevent the ratings of people in my killfile from affecting the comment scores I see, but this would probably add way too much complexity to K5 unless it was handled on the client via XSL or Javascript.

Depending on the responses to this diary entry I may clean this up and add depth then make it an article.



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