December 5, 2004
@ 12:23 AM

There have been some questions from users of MSN Spaces regarding deleted Spaces which I'll try to answer with this post.  The basic problem is that a user deletes a Space (e.g. I delete  and then either tries to recreate a Space with the same name or someone else tries to a create a Space with the same name but gets an error message saying the Space is unavailable.

This is due to a safeguard we out into place so that a user doesn't delete a Space and then someone else reuses the name after a short period of time leading to potential confusion by readers of the Space. For example, what happens if I delete and a totally different person person picks it up a few hours later? A lot of people coming to that URL the next day will assume it is still me which would lead to confusion.

For this reason, the names of deleted Spaces are not recycled into the system for at least 60 days. This value is subject to change as we continue to monitor the usage patterns of Spaces and gather customer feedback.


Friday, December 10, 2004 12:02:59 PM (GMT Standard Time, UTC+00:00)

I think it would be good if you allow names waiting to be recycled to be re-taken by the original owners during that 60-day interval. Sometimes some people will have cause to change their minds ... what do you think?

Best Ragards
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