Saturday, May 21, 2005 3:57:29 AM (GMT Daylight Time, UTC+01:00)
You sure are hard on layouts with your screenshots, aren't you?

I assumed they would be horribly non-contextual, just like they are in weblog HTML (last one I saw, since I block AdSense in HOSTS, was a demo of Yahoo's ad service, with a post about playing Rock, Paper, Scissors sporting ads for Players cigarettes and Players underwear), but I went over to the Share Your OPML aggregator to check - along with you breaking the layout over there, too, it looks like they are sometimes reasonably contextual if you are someone like Engadget, where your posts are basically ads anyway: they can match Nokia to Nokia, or Nextel to Nextel, or "laptop laptop laptop" to Dell, but other than that? Might as well be punch the monkey. One reload, a post about the John Carpenter movie "They Live" (and the sunglasses in it) had an ad for sunglasses, next load it had an ad for a Workman's Comp ambulance chaser in Pennsylvania. Because the lead character's "an unemployed construction worker/wrestler" it's a pretty safe bet that all the readers will be laid off guys in Altoona who can put together a fake injury claim.

You know what it looks like to me? It looks like comment spam, only they give you a few cents, so instead of deleting it you promote it up into your posts.
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