Chris Sells recently complained that a recent interview of Don Box by  Mary Jo Foley is "a relatively boring interview" because "Mary Jo doesn't dig for any dirt and Don doesn't volunteer any". He's decided to fix this by proposing an alternate interview where folks send in their favorite questions and he picks the 10 best and formwards them to Don (kinda like Slashdot interviews). Chris offers some seed questions but they are actually much lamer than any of the ones Mary Jo asked so I suspect his idea of questions that dig for dirt are different from mine.

I drafted 10 questions and picked the 3 least controversial for my submissions to the Don Box interview pool.

  1. People often come up with euphemisms for an existing word or phrase that has become "unpleasant" which although technically mean a different thing from the previous terminology are used interchangeably. A recent example of this is the replacement of "black" with "African American" in the modern American lexicon when describing people of African descent.

    I suspect something similar has happened with XML Web Services and Service Oriented Architecture. Many seem to think that the phrases are interchangeable when on the surface it seems the former is just one instance of the latter. To you what is the difference between XML Web Services and Service Oriented Architectures?

  2. For a short while you were active in the world of weblogging technologies, you tried to come up with an RSS profile and were working on a blogging tool with Yasser Shohoud and Martin Gudgin. In recent times, you have been silent about these past activities. What sparked your interest in weblogging technologies and why does that interest seem to have waned?

  3. What team would you not want to work for at Microsoft and why?

These were my tame questions but I get to hang with Don sometime this week so I'll ask him some of the others in person. I hope one of my questions gets picked by Chris Sells.


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