According to the Infoworld article entitled Microsoft names leaders for search-and-ad unit

Microsoft Wednesday named Satya Nadella to lead the newly formed Search and Ad Platform group, the software giant's effort to optimize the advertising revenue-raising potential of its search business.

Nadella, previously corporate vice president for Microsoft's Business Solutions group, will report to Kevin Johnson, president of the Platform and Services Division, the company said in a statement.

I'm not sure this information is accurate since I haven't seen any sign of it on Microsoft Presspass nor has Satya Nadella's corporate profile been updated. However if it is, it would then create three VPs under Kevin Johnson who are in charge of Microsoft's three Web brands; Windows Live, MSN, and Live Search. The org chart representing all the folks who are in charge of Microsoft's online businesses would then be 

if the Infoworld article is accurate.

The only relevance this has to people who read my blog is that it gives a nice visual of where I fit in the org chart. I'm in Blake Irving's group, working on aspects of the Windows Live Platform that powers services used by the Windows Live Experience group. 


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