June 15, 2006
@ 05:20 PM

The MSN Spaces team blog has a new entry entitled Spaces Updates! which states

Hey Spaces fans, you may have noticed a change in the URL for your Space.  We’re excited to announce that we released late Monday evening (Seattle time.) 

 In addition to the URL Change, we have added support for many additional modules.  Some of these are:

* Available in these countries for this release:   Australia, United Kingdom, & USA

I have the weather gadget on my space at http://carnage4life.spaces.msn.com. This is a step in the right direction, although ideally I should be able to write my own gadgets to use as modules on my space. That would be killer, except that it introduces a lot of interesting security problems if I could inject mini AJAX applications into my space. A tough problem to solve that would lead to some very cool mashups if figured out. I'd love to be able to add a few of the hundreds of existing gadgets to my space. I also suspect that there'd be a lot more interest in building gadgets when they have a potential audience of tens of millions of people versus to small audience that Live.com has today.


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