As promised in the RSS Bandit roadmap, the preview of the next version of RSS Bandit is now available for general download. You can now download it at


  • Newspaper styles: Ability to view all unread posts in a feed in a Newspaper view. This view uses templates that are in the same format as those used by FeedDemon so one can use RSS Bandit newspaper styles in FeedDemon and vice versa.

  • Per feed newspaper styles: Ability to specify a particular stylesheets for a given feed. For example, one could use the slashdot.fdxsl stylesheet for viewing Slashdot, headlines.fdxsl for viewing news sites and outlook-express.fdxsl for viewing blog posts.

  • Skim Mode: Added option to 'Mark All Items As Read on Exiting a Feed' 

  • Search Folder Improvements: Made the following additions to the context menu for search folders; 'New Search Folder', 'Refresh Search', 'Mark All Items As Read' and 'Rename Search Folder'. Also deletion of a search folder now prompts the user to prevent accidental deletion

  • Item Deletion: News items can be deleted by either using the [Del] key or using the context menu. Deleted items go to the "Deleted Items" special folder and can be deleted permanently by emptying the folder or restored to the original feed at a later date.

  • UI Improvements: Tabbed browsers now use a multicolored border reminiscent of Microsoft OneNote.

  • Limited NNTP Support: Ability to add a news server via the Tools->Newsgroups menu items. Once added the available news groups on that news server can be queried.


  • Subscribing to newsgroups
  • Ability to filter items in list view by some search parameters
  • Option of automatic upload/download of RSS Bandit state for synchronization purposes 
  • Column chooser to enable users pick what columns show up in the list view.

For a detailed log of the differences between the Wolverine alpha and v1.2.0.117 check out the RSS Bandit changelog


Tuesday, December 28, 2004 11:40:25 PM (GMT Standard Time, UTC+00:00)

Regarding my post ( and your subsequent comment about converting SharpReader cache files to RSS andit cache files. If you send me the details I'll have a go at doing a little tool. I'm a bit rusty .Net coding wise but I'll give it a go.

p.s. Would appreciate a hint of how you would suggest it was best done, XML Transforms, etc.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004 5:01:53 AM (GMT Standard Time, UTC+00:00)
RSS Bandit uses the RSS 2.0 format for cache files. SharpReader uses a custom format that is very similar, the tag names are mostly the same with different capitalizations. An XSLT transform should be all that is needed as well as updating the feedlist.xml/subscription.xml file (depending on what version of RSS Bandit you are using) with the cache file URL. It is a bit trickier if you have to merge files but not much so.
Sunday, February 6, 2005 1:41:32 PM (GMT Standard Time, UTC+00:00)

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