August 28, 2004
@ 03:52 PM

According to the Microsoft press release Microsoft Announces 2006 Target Date for Broad Availability Of Windows "Longhorn" Client Operating System

Microsoft will deliver a Windows storage subsystem, code-named "WinFS," after the "Longhorn" release. The new storage system provides advanced data organization and management capabilities and will be in beta testing when the "Longhorn" client becomes available.

"We’ve heard loud and clear from customers that they want improved productivity, easier deployment, increased reliability and enhanced security, as well as the many innovations we’ve been working on. We’ve had to make some trade-offs to deliver the features corporate customers, consumers and OEMs are asking for in a reasonable time frame," said Jim Allchin, group vice president of the Platforms Group at Microsoft. "Our long-term vision for the Windows platform remains the same."
At a meeting today with several hundred of the company’s top developer evangelists from around the world, Microsoft also announced that the Windows WinFX developer technologies, including the new presentation subsystem code-named "Avalon" and the new communication subsystem code-named Indigo, will be made available for Microsoft® Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 in 2006. This availability will expand the scope of opportunity for developers by enabling them to write applications that can run on hundreds of millions of PCs, resulting in enhanced experiences for users of those operating systems.

I'm happy about this decision, but the cynic in me is thinking "better late than never". This has been an instructive experience in learning how long it takes information to go from the front lines to the ones pulling the strings in the B0rg cube.  And how long it takes folks to act on this information.


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