Sunday, September 18, 2011 11:25:31 AM (GMT Daylight Time, UTC+01:00)
Easy sign in:

Why Live and not Facebook-connect? At over 700 million users and counting, as a web developer I would rather have them use Facebook connect to sign in. There is a further benefit to this, in that immediately Facebook marketing strategies are available, which is kind of non optional now-a-days for most developers.

Even if Microsoft Live becomes dominant (imagineable because of Windows’s dominance), I still need Facebook sign in to market the app. Means I need Facebook-connect. So rather than have 2 sign ins, I’d rather have one.

Live sign in:
You just used an email address to sign in and never demonstrated a password presumably because that is an account that Windows 8 knows about. Further when logging into to a web app in IE it was single click, because of the previous login. But do Chrome and Firefox (probably just over 50% of the browser market) support this functionality& the WL object? Does Microsoft have buy in here? an NPAPI plugin preinstalled for those browsers perhaps?

Doesn’t seem that some of this live id tech is as complete a solution to the ’universal problem’ talked about in the beginning given iOS and Android & other platforms.

Zeroclick sign in isn’t always a benefit, if you have private info in some of your accounts.
The way the project I’m working on works is using Facebook connect (using the facebook app token as a timeout) to sign in for private info… and using our own cookie for personalization which lasts months.

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