Going back to the "Microsoft blog aggregator" guy, I don't care if you keep me off your list or add me to it. I started a K5 diary to elicit feedback from a couple of regular K5 readers (you guys know who you are) and to make sure my ramblings were Googleable since I tend to plaigarize myself which Google makes quite easy.

I also particularly like the comment to his post where someone named drew says
Just an observation on Dare's rant. What sense does it make to say people are overly voyeuristic at the beginning of a rant and then tell people to subscribe to a Syndication Feed at the bottom?
I've been putting references to my RSS feed in my posts for a while now. I do this because K5 [wisely] does not provide an RSS feed for each diary and there are people who like to read stuff I write who shouldn't have to become K5 subscribers. Of course, this was before Ziff Davis reporters considered links to my rambling about sexual propositions, work headaches and my daily readings (for example) worthy of their front page. Maybe drew is right and I should add a disclaimer that my RSS feed is for people interested in reading crap from Dare Obasanjo not from Microsoft Employee B0rg Designate #15XXXX.

I also am terribly amused by drew saying I don't "get it" when it comes to ideas that make technology useful to real people. That's the World Wide Web, making it easier for people to create pre-conceived notions of you since the September that Never Ended. <chuckle/>
Get yourself a News Aggregator and subscribe to my RSSfeed

Disclaimer: The above comments do not represent the thoughts, intentions, plans or strategies of my employer. They are solely my opinion.

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