June 28, 2003
@ 12:58 AM
Is There an Echo in Here?

Sam Ruby has spearheaded Echo Project as a way to unify the various syndication formats (RSS 0.91, 1.0 and 2.0), blog posting APIs (Blogger API, MetaWeblog API, etc) and blog comment posting APIs (CommentAPI). He has gathered an impressive list of supporters from the the various major players in the blogging space including LiveJournal, Blogger and MovableType as well as nods from a number of smaller players and a bunch of the XML intelligentsia.

It goes without saying that I plan to support Echo in RSS Bandit. This is happening at exactly the right time because I want to go ahead and implement an interface for posting to blogs from RSS Bandit but I considered the existing blog posting APIs based on XML-RPC to be subpar (see the Tragedy of the API for a better summary of this than I can muster at 1 AM in the morning). With any luck Echo will fix this.

I'm busy with work right now so I probably won't touch RSS Bandit for another week or two and hopefully by then Echo should be close to being baked.



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