February 14, 2003
@ 11:58 PM
Shangai Knights quite funny and chock full of Jackie Chan stunts. This is probably Jackie's best American movie yet. As funny Rush Hour 2 [without having to resort to jokes about racial stereotypes] with more stunts than the first Rush Hour. This movie was definitely a lot better than Shangai Noon. Excellent fight scenes including a brilliant sword fight at the end of the movie and a spoof of Singin' in the Rain. I liked all the little jokes involving the famous people and famous places they went, nicely done except for the bit with the street urchin was a little overboard. Definitely a **** out of ***** movie.

Daredevil was a slight letdown after seeing Shangai Knights and also when one remembers how good Spider Man was. There were many bits of the movie I didn't like; Daredevil learns martial arts on his own without the help of Stick, the camera work was too dark and epileptic fit inducing to enjoy the most intense fight scenes, Bullseye's craziness seemed overdone, and Daredevil was a killer hero (i.e. murderer). Things I did like were little touches like the fact that almost every person's name in the movie was that of a Marvel writer or artist (I especially like the Jack Murdock vs. John Romita boxing match), cameos from Stan Lee and Frank Miller, and the fact that this was the first super hero movie I've seen where the hero ignored a crime and picked bedding the girl instead. I'll give Daredevil *** out of *****.

It looks like there'll be a bumper crop of movies I want to see later this year. So far I'm down for Hulk, X2, Bad Boys 2, Kill Bill, Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle and Matrix Reloaded. I'm definitely going to be giving Phone Booth and Pirates of the Carribbean a wide berth at the box office.
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