July 22, 2003
@ 12:58 AM
Another tribute to the mighty Bob Abooey.
  • One of the nicest things about Seattle in the summer is all the fact that there seems to be a festival/open air concert every weekend. Last weekend I was at the Capitol Hill Block Party and yesterday I checked out the Bite of Seattle.

    Today is Summer Jam but I decided not to get tickets. Besides the fact that it is on a weekday, the average Summer Jam seems to be a confirmation of the old truism
    "Whenever you get too many young knucklehead niggaz together in the same place, somebody fi'na get shot".
    In other words, even when somebody gets shot at a Summer Jam it can still be considered to be "less violent than other years".

  • So I was watching FOX News while working out last week and noticed that they classify their news about the US presence in Iraq under War on TerrorTM news. I'm confused, what the fuck does the US invading and occupying Iraq have to do with the War on TerrorTM?

  • According to the BBC, the news is giving children nightmares. In my worst nightmares I couldn't have dreamed up a more fucked up situation than the whole US/Iraq fiasco. We have six to seven thousand dead civilians over what now seems to be a shitload of exaggerated or blatantly false claims, if it wasn't so tragic it would be funny. To top it all off, North Korea is brandishing their nuclear capabilities in the same way you'd expect the kind of thugs who shot up Summer Jam do before trouble shifts into high gear.

    What I really wonder is if we'll ever know the real reason Bush and co. started the war with Iraq. 6000 civilian lives later, a lot of the conspiracy theories that were floated during the war just seem either way too cold blooded or just too fucking stupid to be real justifications.

  • Dave Winer just gave up ownership of the RSS 2.0 spec to the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School. More interestingly the spec is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license which basically means anyone can fork the spec. Dave Winer has basically said, "I'm tired of flaming about RSS, you guys should do whatever you want with it". I thought this was fantastic and pinged his RSS advisory board (Winer, Jon Udell, and Brent Simmons) whether my interpretation was correct and they confirmed it.

    For my part once I'm done with releasing the next version of RSS Bandit and BlogX I plan to author a derivative of the RSS spec called The Annotated RSS 2.0 Specification: A Description of the Current State of the Art in Site Syndication. I had hoped to join the SSF-DEV mailing list and join them in working on this since according to Rogers Cadenhead this is their goal. Unfortunately browsing, the mailing list archives it looks like since this list has a number of the usual suspects when it comes to arguing about RSS, instead of seeing this as a step forward the list is full of anti-Dave Winer rhetoric instead of seeing this as an opportunity.

    Since engaging in pointless arguments about specs can be considered to be a majority of my day job I definitely don't want to waste my free time doing so as well. So it is likely I'll just write my own annotated RSS spec primarily as a way to document what RSS Bandit does since besides the code there is nowhere this is described.

  • Celebrity Prank Phone Calls

  • It seems like I'm not the only one who's tired of the W3C getting all the good press for the work of those of us in the trenches. However I was still quite surprised to see this posted by Roy Fieldings on the W3C Technical Architecture Group's mailing list
    And I'll thank you and the rest of the W3C when you stop bitching about how the IETF works and how Web servers are configured, at least until you get off your duff and do the boring work necessary to make a standard authoritative. I am really tired of reading press releases about W3C accomplishments when none of it gets enabled on the Web until someone at Apache makes it happen.

  • According to Mike Champion in his post Exploring Where XML and Java Meet states

    On the other hand, XML makes an awfully handy serialization format for Java objects.

    Mike really should have qualified that sentence with that is if your idea of a Java object is a C-style struct. However since the entire point of object oriented programming is to tie together data and behavior, XML is actually a pretty dumb way to serialize objects in any programming language. It is a handy way to serialize the state of Java (or .NET Framework) objects though.

    Serializing the state of an object and serializing the object itself are two significantly different things. It's interesting how confused people tend to get about this distinction.

  • I just looked at my schedule for today (July 21st) and it looks like I am in meetings till 7:00PM. Great, and I still can't fucking go to sleep.

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