September 17, 2007
@ 04:29 AM

The final version of the ShadowCat release of RSS Bandit is now available. This release isn't about new features but instead about making the existing features work a lot better and fixing a ton of stability issues related to our usage of Lucene for search engine for our full-text search.

This release is available in the following languages; English, German, Polish, French, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, Italian, Serbian and Bulgarian.

Download the installer from . A snapshot of the source code will be available later in the week as a source code release.

New Features

  • Newspaper view can be configured to show unread items in a feed as multiple pages instead of a single page of items
  • Feed list and read/unread status of news items can be synchronized with NewsGator Online (and thus FeedDemon and NetNewsWire as well).

Major Bug Fixes

  • Images show up as broken links when viewing the feed for the Facebook blog
  • Application gets lost on second screen in multi-monitor setup (bug 1288729) and incorrect dual-display handling on startup (bug 1479148)
  • Marking search engines in options doesn't register as change (bug 1782946)
  • Application crashes with "InvalidOperationException" or "Index is closed" error message. (bug 1777810)
  • Application crashes with "docs out of order" error message. (bug 1783688)
  • Synchronization with Newsgator Online does not recognize items marked as read from within RSS Bandit (bug 1368567).
  • Automatic Mark as Read behavior while scrolling sometimes stops working.
  • Deleted items show up as unread after upgrading from v1.3.0.42
  • Application displays error dialog with "UnauthorizedAccessException" or "access denied" error at random times during the day. (bug 1777411)
  • Javascript errors on Web pages result in error dialogs being displayed or the application hanging.
  • Search indexing thread takes 100% of CPU and freezes the computer.
  • Crashes related to Lucene search indexing (e.g. IO exceptions, access violations, file in use errors, etc)
  • Crash when a feed has an IRI (i.e. URL with unicode characters such as http://www.bü instead of issuing an error message since they are not supported.
  • Context menus no longer work on category nodes after OPML import or remote sync
  • Crash on deleting a feed which still has enclosures being downloaded
  • Podcasts downloaded from the feed are named "..mp3" instead of the actual file name.
  • Items marked as read in a search folder not marked as read in original feed
  • No news shown when subscribed to
  • Can't subscribe to feeds on your local hard drive (regression since it worked in previous versions)
  • Random crashes due to error renaming file "" to "deletable" or "" to "segments" in search index folder.
  • Items in Atom 0.3 feeds that have a <created> date but no <issued> date show their date as the last modified date of the feed instead of the created date.
  • Images don't show up on certain items when clicking on feed or category view if the feed uses relative links such as in Tim Bray’s feed at
  • Empty pages displayed in newspaper view when browsing multiple feeds under a category node.
  • Newly added feeds do not inherit the feed refresh rate specified in the Options dialog.
  • In certain cases, the following error message is displayed when attempting feed upload via FTP; "Feedlist upload failed with error: Passive mode not allowed on this server.."
  • Application crashes on startup with the COMException "unknown error"
  • None of the options when right-clicking on "This Feed" in feed properties is valid for newsgroups.
  • Crash because the application cannot modify the .treestate.xml configuration file
  • Crash when clicking on enclosure link in toast window
After the final release of ShadowCat, the following release of RSS Bandit (codenamed Phoenix) will contain our next major user interface revamp and will be the version where we move to version 2.0 of the .NET Framework. ShadowCat will be the last version of RSS Bandit that will run on version 1.1 of the .NET Framwork. You can find some of our early Phoenix screen shots on Flickr


Monday, September 17, 2007 11:36:09 PM (GMT Daylight Time, UTC+01:00)
I preferred the old method of saying I have ActiveX blocked at the top of the message instead of the popup that now requires me to dismiss. I don't think it is ActiveX, but embedded pictures that I have IE block. I find this most often on the TG Daily, Tom's Hardware Guide, TwitchGuru, and MobilityGuru RSS feeds.
Wednesday, September 19, 2007 12:38:39 AM (GMT Daylight Time, UTC+01:00)
I've re-opened issue 1748602 is still not upgrading properly. Let me know what I can provide. I want to help nail this problem.
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