April 4, 2001
@ 12:58 AM
I worked at i2 last year as an intern and it was a pretty good experience. My boss listened to my suggestings even when it involved tossing out old code and redesigning the system involved. They also provided housing with all the utilities prepaid which was also a cool bonus. My boss's boss has called to ask when I'm coming back and my former recruiter (the guy who originally interviewed me) just promised me that I can get to work on whatever project interests me (CORBA stuff and/or medium sized C++ tasks included).

As for Microsoft, I'll be interviewing with the SQL Server team next week (April 10th) for a position as a Software Engineer In Test which sounds like an uninteresting position. Unfortunately my absolute lack of serious knowledge of Win32 and COM internals makes me ineligible for a full developer position on one of the teams that would interest me.

So my question now is this: I'm still going to interview at MSFT (especially since everything from the plane ticket to car rental and lodgings have been paid for) and may still might be eventually offered a position despite my lack of relevant knowledge. If this is the case I would probably turn it down since I've made verbal promises to the folks at i2 to return this summer. Is this a wise decision, what would you do?

PS: The deadline for accepting the i2 offer was today or they would have had to hire someone else.



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