Generation Wrecked

Fortune ran an article recently entitled Generation Wrecked about the hardships faced by Generation X after the dot bomb bubble burst. The comments on Slashdot were scornful of the whiners in the article which is exactly the same way I felt.

However, I've been doing some thinking about my spending habits and realize I may be quite the practising hypocrite. I currently save a few hundred dollars a month but could probably be saving about a thousand dollars or more a month if I lived like I did in college (i.e. cheaper part of town, room mate, little eating out)...


Yup, calculating my expenses on Microsoft Money confirms my suspicions. I doubt I'll make the lifestyle changes to start saving more (I like where I live, I hate roommates who aren't close friends, and I rarely have time to cook) but I've definitely reconsidered getting another car simply because the payments on my current one are about done.

By the way anyone else noticed that there seem to be abnormally more mod points than usual on the Slashdot?



The Office team finally let XDocs out from behind wraps. Funnily enough, the eWeek article about XDocs was more informative than the official webpage. So it seems the link containing meaty details of what XDocs does isn't prominent and most of the information besides that link is mostly fluff. Since the thought of Office shipping with ingrained XMl features is something I'd love to see I've been emailing and meeting with some of the Office XML folks and will probably do next month's Extreme XML about the XML features hitting the streets next version. If you have any questions you'd like answered give me a holler by posting below.

No Microsoft product announcement is complete without someone complaining about the Borg cube assimilating their part of the universe.


Missed Opportunities

I spoke to my sister for the first time in about four months. We've been playing phone tag for weeks and I finally decided to give her a call very early (3:00 AM PST, 12:00 PM UTC) and caught up on family events. She told me all about our half sister's wedding which I missed for no good reason in retrospect. As usual my the press found a reason to give my dad took flak for travelling. I like the way the author of that piece was offended that my brother-in-law didn't fly to Nigeria to participate in rituals before marrying my sister.

I really regret not taking time off work to go the wedding.


Quickie Links

So the Onion [or someone else] created a website for Nate Orenstam, the subject of the hilarious Who Says Java Programmers Don't Have A Sense Of Humor?

This advogato diary entry shows that being able to code doesn't mean you're not an idiot.

The O'Reilly Network has an article entitled Why Human Rights Requires Free Software which is so over the top in its advocacy I'd have guessed it was a SatireWire or BBSpot parody not a piece meant to be considered seriously.

Know Your Place! Shut Your Face!: A Message from the Office of Homeland Security

Musical Condoms Patented (scroll to bottom of page)



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