Instead of seeing Clerks II last week, I ended up seeing My Super Ex-Girlfriend which turned out to have been a bad choice. I wanted to go catch Clerks II this past weekend but my girlfriend decided that it was her turn to pick movies after My Super Ex-Girlfriend was such a disappointment. So we saw Miami Vice instead. Below are some brief thoughts on both movies

Miami Vice

This was nothing like the TV show. It was more like a darker, grittier version of Bad Boys 2 complete with trips to exotic South American locales to cavort with drug dealers. There wasn't a lot of action but whenever the guns did blaze the scenes were pretty intense.

My only complaint was that Colin Farrell's acting seemed pretty wooden at times.

Rating: **** out of *****

My Super Ex-Girlfriend
The core premise of the movie, what if your crazy ex-girlfriend had super powers, seemed like an interesting premise and I expected good things from a movie starring Luke Wilson and Uma Thurman. The movie started off well enough with a number of funny scenes including a few about sex with super heroes. However the movie peaked somewhere around the halfway mark in the scene where Uma Thurman spies on Luke Wilson and Ana Faris (the girl from the Scary Movie movies) having sex and throws a shark at them through the bedroom window.

It goes downhill pretty fast from there, it's as if the writers only had a few gags involving super-powered revenge pranks without any thought of how to conclude the movie. The last couple of scenes such as the super heroine cat fight and the over-the top obnoxiousness of Rainn Wilson's character left a foul taste in my mouth. It was a promising movie which failed to live up to its promise. 

Another problem I had with the movie was failing to believe that anyone would pick a ditzy Ana Faris over a super-powered Uma Thurman regardless of how 'psycho' of a girlfriend she was. That was a bad casting choice in my book.

Rating: *** out of *****


Tuesday, August 1, 2006 6:56:19 PM (GMT Daylight Time, UTC+01:00)
I also watched My Super Ex-Girlfriend last weekend, and I thought it was pretty bad the whole way through. It failed to provide suspension of disbelief for me on a couple of occasions.

However, I just want to try to make you believe that someone would pick a ditzy Ana Faris over a super-powered Uma Thurman. I would pick Ana over Uma every day of the week. Ana wasn't ditzy in this movie. I know her previous roles she plays quite an air head, but I didn't get that from her character in this movie at all. I would say her character was the deepest character in the whole movie, while simultaneously conceeding that such depth is still very shalow.

I know Uma is supposed to be OMG HOTTNESS!!! But I just don't see it. and I'm not some kid that didn't grow up with Uma. I'm 28. I loved her in GATACA. But I just never saw her at a super hot woman, rather more of a pretty good actress.
Wednesday, August 2, 2006 7:13:30 PM (GMT Daylight Time, UTC+01:00)
Way to ruin a movie by devulging the ending you dolt. I read your blog mostly for your technical coverage but I do enjoy the tidbits of your personal life that you occasionally throw out. This time you crossed the line...just kidding. I do though enjoy your personal coverage much more than that of Microsoft products. Cheers.
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