January 13, 2004
@ 03:02 PM

The MiddleWare Company  announces 

TMC today launched TheServerSide.NET, an enterprise .NET architecture and development community. The launch is part of a vision aimed at building communities (online sites, conferences, user groups, etc) to serve all technology practitioners in the middleware industry. TSS.NET will be similar to TSS.com in style and quality, but both communities will be operated independently.

It looks like Ted Neward will be the editor-in-chief of the site. It looks like the site will be top heavy on it's focus on XML Web Services so I doubt I'll be subscribing to their RSS feed but if that's your bag it looks like a good site to check out. I've been reading TheServerSide.com for about two years and I've found it useful for getting insight into what's going on in the Java world.

Speaking of the Java world, which community blog site has better signal to noise ratio between Weblogs @ Java.net and Java.Blogs? I've been considering subscribing to one of them but I'm already swamped with lots of content of dubious quality from Weblogs @ ASP.NET and don't want to repeat the experience.


Tuesday, January 13, 2004 11:53:44 PM (GMT Standard Time, UTC+00:00)
If you want the official Sun line, then Weblogs.Java.net is the way to go. javablogs.com aggregates anyone's content, so a lot of it is crap (although a lot isn't, too).
The Java Buzz at Artima.com http://www.artima.com/buzz/community.jsp?forum=121, rss @ http://www.artima.com/buzz/feeds/java.rss is okay, too.
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