November 17, 2004
@ 01:13 PM

Recently I've been having the same problems with my iPod that Omar Shahine described in his post PlaysForSure

So, here is the landscape today. I have an iPod, it's beautiful, small, light and has a great out of box experience. I plug it into a Mac or a PC with iTunes installed and the rest is mostly magic. iTunes can automatically communicate with the iPod, sync all my music over firewire and charge the device at the same time. However, my iPod seems to think that after hours and hours of charging the battery is half full. As you use it though the battery meter increases before it decreases. If I leave the iPod sitting for a few days, via osmosis or some process, the battery drains. So most of the time when I want to use it, I can't cause it's dead. It also won't even last for a complete transatlantic flight.

I love my iPod but this is beginning to get old. It looks like it's time I replaced my battery, at least the price seems to be only about $30.00. Anyone out there have any experience with replacing their iPod battery?


Saturday, November 20, 2004 11:22:38 AM (GMT Standard Time, UTC+00:00)
Does it perhaps have some RAM that's used to give a 'fast start' when you press play? Presumably it takes a while to spin up the hard disk, seek to the current location, and start buffering the music.

My Sony MiniDisc player has this feature, which requires battery power to back the RAM if it's enabled. Result, one flat battery if you leave it out of the charger.
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