June 11, 2003
@ 12:58 AM
Primary differences between RSS Bandit v1.1.0.15 and RSS Bandit v are
  • Ability to flag posts for followup. Just like Outlook 2003 such items appear highlighted in red when displayed in the list view and also show up in the Flagged Items smart folder

  • Posts that contain a hyperlink to the user's homepage URL (specified in the preferences dialog) are specially highlighted in blue.

  • Drag and Drop feed subscription. One can subscribe to a feed by dropping a hyperlink that ends with "rss.xml" from the browser pane to the tree view. This means one can drag and drop URLs from a web page directly to the tree view to subscribe to that feed.

  • Clicking on a category node in the tree view shows all the items in all the child node. For example, when I click on the category "XML News" in my tree view, the list view contains items for Cafe con Leche, XMLHack, XML.com and the XML Cover Pages.

  • New Keyboard Shortcuts - Ctrl-M: Catch Up Feed, Ctrl-U: Mark item unread.

  • Option to change the category of a feed in the Feed Properties dialog.

  • Can drag and drop a category node from one part of the feed list tree to another.

  • Changed format of User Agent string to conform to section 3.8 of HTTP 1.1 spec

  • Added support for dc:date values containing ISO 8601 dates with optional time zone offset (e.g. 2003-06-06T10:41-08:00)

  • Errors that occur on attempts to download feeds such as HTTP 404s or errors in the XML source of the feed are stored and displayed in the Feed Errors smart folder instead of the old mechanism of popping up a dialog box which halted downloading of other feeds.



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