January 21, 2004
@ 03:27 AM

One of the hats I wear as part of my day job is that I'm the Community Lead for the WebData XML team. This means I'm responsible for a lot of our interactions with our developer community. One of the things I'm proudest of is that I got the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Program to create an award category for XML which was tough at first but they eventually buckled.

I'm glad to note that a number of folks I nominated to become MVPs this year have been awarded including Daniel Cazzulino, Oleg Tkachenko, DonXML Demsak and Dimitre Novatchev among others. These folks have gone above and beyond in helping fellow developers working with XML technologies on Microsoft platforms. You guys rock...

My next major task as community lead is to launch an XML Developer Center on MSDN. I've been working at this for over a year but it looks like there is now a light at the end of the tunnel. If you are interested in writing about XML technologies on Microsoft platforms on MSDN you should give me a holler via my work email address.

This is going to be fun. :)


Wednesday, January 21, 2004 2:17:14 PM (GMT Standard Time, UTC+00:00)
Dare, Thanks for the nomination.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004 4:06:54 PM (GMT Standard Time, UTC+00:00)
Thanks a lot Dare!
Wednesday, January 21, 2004 4:34:24 PM (GMT Standard Time, UTC+00:00)
Thanks a lot, Dare!

Hope we'll build an interesting XML Developer Center.

Thursday, January 22, 2004 7:47:40 PM (GMT Standard Time, UTC+00:00)
You are doing really great work for the community. Well done, Dare!
Thanks for MVP hat too!
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