Actually there is no article yet. I'm at the outline stage and would like some feedback from the K5 audience on what they think. The first paragraph is my current lead in and the format of the article is that it will be a table of contents with links pointing back to a full article on my homepage. Ok, so here's what the rest of the article would look like...

Table of Contents
  1. The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same:
    This section describes concepts and language features that are almost exactly the same in C# and Java.
    1. We Are All Objects
    2. Keyword Jumble
    3. Of Virtual Machines and Language Runtimes
    4. Heap Based Classes and Garbage Collection
    5. Arrays Can Be Jagged
    6. No global methods.
    7. Interfaces, Yes. Multiple Inheritance, No.

  2. The Same But Different
    This section describes concepts and language features that differ either only in syntax or in some similarly minor manner between C# and Java.
    1. Inheritance Syntax
    2. Run Time Type Identification (is operator)
    3. Namespaces
    4. Destructors and Finalizers
    5. Synchronizating Code Blocks
    6. Inner classes
    7. Access Modifiers
    8. Reflection
    9. Declaring Constants
    10. Primitive Types

  3. An Ever So Slight Feeling of Dejà Vu
    This section describes concepts and language features that exist in C# that are similar to those that exist in Java but with a significant difference.
    1. Operator Overloading
    2. switch statment
    3. Exceptions
    4. Cross Language Interoperability
    5. Assemblies
    6. Collections
    7. goto (no longer considered harmful)
    8. Virtual Methods
    9. File I/O
    10. Object Serialization
    11. Documentation Generation from Source Code Comments
    12. Multiple Classes in a Single File
    13. Importing Libraries

  4. Now For Something Completely Different
    This section describes language features and concepts that exist in C# and have no Java counterpart.
    1. Enums
    2. Value Types (Structs)
    3. Run Time Type Identification (as operator)
    4. Delegates
    5. Events
    6. Attributes
    7. Indexers
    8. foreach Statement
    9. Properties
    10. Pointers
    11. PreProcessor
    12. Aliases
    13. Boxing
    14. Pass by Reference
    15. params Keyword
    16. Verbatim Strings
    17. Static Constructors
    18. Overflow Detection
    19. Explicit Interface Implementation
So what do you guys think?

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