The situation at Sun makes me feel guilty for complaining about the possibility of sharing my office. What's funny about the Sun situation is that all the things that were made to look criticisms in SnowCrash (lack of personality in the office, last in gets the worst seat regardless of how long you actually work, people can tell the slackers simply by noting where one sits, etc) are actually lauded as advantages by the people interviewed for the Reuters article.

Most amusing is that I can just imagine some marketing whiz using this as a means to advertize Sun technology. Fuck that. Give my office. Give me loud obnoxiousrapmusic with no co-workers asking me to turn it down, give me demotivator posters on the wall, give me white boards, give me no one complaining about the funk from my feet as I take of my shoes after rocking the same socks for 3 consecutive days, give me no eavesdroppers overhearing conversations with my friends and family, give me a bookcase and a filing cabinet, give me posters of DC and Marvel comics characters on the wall, but most importantly give me the ability to roll into work around 10:30AM or 11:00AM without wondering if I'm actually going to find a decent place to sit or not.

On a more positive note, my research paper on SiXDML (here's a pointer to a Google cache since it looks like my home machine's crashed and is down) has been accepted to the First VLDB Workshop on Efficiency and Effectiveness of XML Tools, and Techniques (EEXTT2002) 19 August 2002 . Not only does this translate to a trip to Hong Kong but it means that I'm going to have a published work and possibly get indexed in Cite Seer. Oh, happy day.

I guess this means I should have little problem getting into grad school if I felt so inclined in the next few years. Being that my folks only went along with me taking a job at MSFT because I mentioned that I'd attend grad school Real Soon Now™, this should get them off my back for a while.