I use some free client called DNS2Go which for some reason not only cannot connect to its nameserver but somewhere along the line the redirection service that should point people at a page saying my machine is currently offline instead of the unfriendly "Host Not Found" also doesn't work.

More annoyingly, my next Extreme XML column is due and I just sat around the house all day procrastinating blaming it on writer's block. I need a drink to inspire my Muse. Maybe that should have been my poll; beer, Absolut, Bacardi, etc. which would best help me find my Muse and aid in writing about advanced XPath querying techniques and idiosyncracies of the language?

Bah. The only good news is that my new machine arrived this weekend but even that is tinged with irritation because a.) the box for the machine can't fit my extra hard drive from my old machine and b.) it use DDR so my DIMMs from my old machine are useless. Well anyway, I got to install Apache since Windows XP Home Edition doesn't come with IIS. This is where the frustration with Tomcat comes in, I hate fucking with config files.

The good thing about Apache is that I can now use Webalizer on my web server logs plus filtering out Code Red/Nimda/etc attempts is dirt simple. OK, maybe config files don't suck so much.

Just glanced over at the TV and saw that Fox has another embarass yourself on TV for the chance to become a pop star which have become another sickening genre of reality TV (dating shows on the other hand I like, a hypocrite I am). I am still recovering from the nauseating O-town which although cynically created right there on "reality TV" still went on to become chart topping stars with platinum hits, groupies and the whole nine yards.

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