October 8, 2003
@ 04:15 PM

I've had a blog on Kuro5hin for about two years but I decided a while ago that I wanted to host my own blog and hack features in that I wanted. After lots of talk I finally decided to go ahead and install dasBlog. Since I didn't want to lose my old posts I used Steve Burnap's K5 diary grabber in combination with some judicious use of HTML tidy and C# to get my old K5 posts to become a part of my new blog.

The first problem I had is that I've been using Apache for the past couple of months and had to re-enable IIS with all its annoyances. Thankfully, there is finally a version of Webalizer for Windows which was my biggest gripe when I first switched to Apache last year. After dealing with that I had to deal with HTTP 401 issues because although the dasBlog post-installation instructions do a good job of telling you that you have to give the IUSR{sitename}, IWAM{sitename} and {sitename}\ASPNET accounts read/write permissions over the content, siteconfig and logs directories it all still will give you a 401 (unauthorized) error unless you also give them similar access to the parent directory. Of course, this is obvious in hindsight and if I had placed the directory in the suggested location I suspect I wouldn't have had to do this. The one problem I still have which has nothing to do with dasBlog and everything to do with IIS & Windows XP is that I can't have more than 10 connections to my website at once. This was the second major reason I switched to Apache.

It looks like I'll have to upgrade to Win2K3