The main problem with dasBlog that has been pointed out by the folks I'd like to migrate to it is that it is file based instead of database based (i.e. entries are stored as XML files not in SQL Server) meaning it is difficult to get hosting since hosting providers find it easier to give one access to a SQL Server database than write access to certain directories. This means that SQL Servber support is a major feature that needs to get into dasBlog and in fact the Blogs @ GotDotNet folks mentioned that they'd prefer a database based solution.

Before the above feature, the feature I definitely want to get in is a subscription harmonizer which enables users of RSS Bandit upload and download their blogroll to and from dasBlog. Ideally this will also support doing the same with Syndic8 as well. No more having my version of RSS Bandit on my home machine and work machines being out of sync.

The last feature I want to get in that I think is a priority is a [Preview] button when posting comments. I always find it annoying when I make a comment in someones blog but can't preview my post before I make it,

This should be fun.