May 22, 2002
@ 12:58 AM
  1. After reading the most "Stay In School" posts I've ever seen in a Slashdot or Kuro5hin "Should I Get A Job Or Go To College" thread in System Administrators - College or Career? , I thought this was a clear indicator that the IT industry was still in the doldrums. But are things really this bad?

  2. So since MSFT execs have admitted NetDocs was a failure, I can ask "How would you have felt coming into a summer internship only to find out the project was axed just before you got there?".

    This happened to a bunch of NetDocs interns I knew of, its kinda depressing when even your mentor isn't sure what his job is any more let alone guide you with yours. At least it isn't as bad as a bunch of other companies (which will remain unamed) where people were given firing bonuses before they even arrived.

  3. What would you do if your mom literally flushed $US1.38 billion down the drain?

  4. Parents blame MIT for student's suicide but aren't they really to blame for raising their child in a manner that tied her notion of self worth with academic achievement then sending her to a school where competition would be stiff and academic achievement would not be guaranteed?

  5. Have you ever been at The CrossRoads?



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