A Cool Place To Work

I ended up going to my Microsoft interview last week and missing 2 days of class but it was worth it. The trip took longer than I expected, about five hours in the air and two or so hours in airports. Interestingly on both trips there were no direct connections to Atlanta so I had to go through Denver (going) and Chicago (on the way back). They put me up in a nice apartment, gave me a rental car and I could expense trips to Seattle tourist spots.

The interviews were straightforward enough (compared to the weird group exercises and the like I've had to go through for othercompanies) with me talking to a few developers about projects I'd worked on in the past, a few coding questions and one or two logic questions of the type that are now commonly clichè and can be found on the 'net if one looks hard enough. I doubt I can go into any more detail without violating the NDA I signed before interviewing (I wonder if stating that I signed one is a violation).

Anyway, they made me an offer working one of the teams that'll be building the C# data access libraries and they paid rather well so I accepted. They've been very accomodating so far. Besides the good pay and the offer of a subsidized rental car while I'm there (so no worries about shipping my car or driving there) they've also been cool about a few other things. I'll have to take a Physics class in summer school while I'm there which messes up my schedule and means I have to come in late almost daily and maybe miss entire days sometimes, my boss has indicated that he is willing to work around this. Also I mentioned that I may be releasing an alpha version of an Open Source Windows application and this also was not an issue.

I Was Wrong

After rereading the thread on compiling C++ programs against glibc and vice versa I realize that I was a little narrow minded in my claims and a lot of posters had valid points. I had attempted to show that asking why one couldn't compile GtK+ apps against Qt showed a naive misunderstanding of how programming works but choose a bad example (compiling C++ programs against glibc vs. compiling C programs against libstdc++).

If I had paid more attention to my example (thanks, for pointing this out Dmitri) I would have realized that the example only works one way since it is possible to write a C++ program that uses only C library functions which can then be compiled fine against glibc.

I feel like a flaming idiot now that I reread my comments and see my responses to people pointing out what is now quite obvious to me.


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