Since I've been in the process of adding support for synchronization between RSS Bandit and Newsgator Online, I've been trying to eat my own dogfood and use both applications. A ready opportunity presented itself when I travelled to Nigeria a few weeks ago and wanted to keep up with my RSS feeds. While I was in Nigeria, I was always on a dialup connection and used about four different PCs and 1 Mac. It seemed to make sense to favor a web-based RSS reader as opposed to trying to install RSS Bandit and most likely the .NET Framework on all these machines which in some cases I didn't have administrator access to anyways.

After unsuccesfully trying to use Newsgator Online I ended up settling with Bloglines instead for a number of reasons. The first being that Bloglines is a lot faster than Newsgator Online whose interface seems to move at a snail's pace over dial up. The second being that a basic feature like "Mark All Items As Read" seems to be missing from Newsgator Online. Trying to visit every feed individually to mark all its items as read became such an ordeal, I simply gave up.

I'd rather not think that I've wasted the time I've spent working on implementing synchronization between RSS Bandit and Newsgator Online since the current user experience of the latter service leaves much to be desired. I sincerely hope there are some changes in the works for the service.


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