After noticing the growing number of interestingpeople withblogs I've begun to consider whether I shouldn't start a blog as well. I like K5 diaries but I no longer am interested in the site since its focus has changed nor do I like the fact that a new diary scrolls off the diary page in an hour or two when it used to take half a day sometimes.

I'm currently trying to decide what the format would be if I started one. Would it be technology articles and commentary on links? Should I allow user accounts and user submissions of stories and links? Should it be more personal like my diary? Where should I host it? etc.

Please give me any feedback below.

Top 10 Reasons I Still Read K5
  1. trhurler

  2. streetlawyer

  3. spiralx

  4. codemonkey_uk

  5. ucblockhead

  6. tmoertel

  7. rusty

  8. fluffy grue

  9. jacob

  10. Estanislao Martínez

A number of honorary mentions go to skim123, tombuck, DesiredUsername and pb. I primarily read K5 now for the comments & diaries of the aforementioned people and would probably pay for an option to hotlist their diaries and only show technology stories and site news on my version of the K5 front page. I remember offering to code some of these features a while ago but got told they were in the works but never surfaced.


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