February 12, 2002
@ 11:58 PM
So far so good. I have my own office (better than I expected) and relocation was great. They practically took care of everything including breaking the lease.

The last few weeks were hectic because I was working on my my proposal for a simple XML data manipulation language and API plus a Java implementation. I was going to post it to K5 but it seemed a bit too technical plus I couldn't put up the demo because I was dumb enough to have the movers ship my home PC on the 4th even though I wasn't flying out until the 9th. I did mention it on the XML:DB mailing list (archive is a month behind so my email thread isn't there) and got some very positive responses. I'm considering turning it into an academic paper and submitting it to a an XML database conference scheduled for August in Hong Kong, that should be fun.

It's rainy as hell in Seattle+Redmond. What's the real kicker is that it isn't a pouring rain or thunderstorms like in Georgia but just a steady dreary drizzle. Depressing. It might be months until I see a sunny day again if more days like this past weekend roll around.

I need to find a comic book store and start have them start pulling comics for me. I've already missed 3 issues in the Batman Goes To Jail For Murder storyline and I don't want to miss any more. Hopefully, I can find a decent comic book store and get back to collection Spawn, Batman, Rising Stars and the Authority.

My office PC is badass (just like during my internship) but it runs Win XP which I'm still having difficulties adjusting to. I've seen some people simply change the theme to Windows Classic but I refuse to be beaten by this cuddly-wuddly OS and I shall prevail. :)

It looks like the newspaper stories about the new focus on security were no joke. From what I've seen today, security is Job 1 which is a significant shift especially after talking to a few people from the summer who knew little about security/exploits/etc but are now conversant with the concepts and use terminology that escapes me.

I wonder how many posts on K5 have gotten more ratings than this one?. At the time I linking it had reached 57 ratings which is the highest I've seen in mty 2 years at K5. Damn, 2 years huh?

It's 4:00 AM, I probably need to go to bed. I have a meeting at 11:00 AM and probably need to be fully rested for it. :)

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