Yesterday I installed .NET Framework v1.1 service pack 1 and it messed up my ASP.NET permissions. I decided to use this opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. My weblog is currently hosted on my Windows XP machine using IIS meaning that there are several limitations on the web server. The limitation on number of connections means several times during the day people get "Too Many Users" errors when connecting to this website.

I decided to install Apache and try out Movable Type 3.1. That led to a wasted morning trying to install various Perl modules. I tried some more when I got back from work and eventually gave up. Torsten gave me some tips this morning which fixed my ASP.NET permissions and my weblog is back up.

In the mean time it turns out that the v1.2.0.114 SP1 installer for RSS Bandit turns out to have had a number of  issues. If you're an RSS Bandit user please upgrade to v1.2.0.117.


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